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Aaron & Kyle

What do you do when you lose a thirty year friend? I never really knew much about heroin or addiction for that matter. I never knew how it would change my life, how it doesn't discriminate based on age, status, or health.  As the weeks passed I looked at life that you were either part of the problem or part of the solution. The pain of losing someone close is one of the realest feelings you can have.  Everyone grieves in their own way but for me I have focused on every good day I got to spend with Aaron. In my garage I formed the idea of Reeling For Recovery. In the later part of life, most of my best memories were on a body of water fishing and having a good time. Aaron made his mark on everyone throughout life and was fighting a battle I knew anything about. Many other people fight similar battles in silence and although there are only certain aspects I can change, I believe we can fight to reduce the amount of people that are hurt by this epidemic. 

Aaron always loved Chazy lake from an early age. Whether it was a pole in his hand or having a boat ride with family he lived his best life on the lake. As much as I miss this time I want to show the future generations what the lake meant to us.  I founded Reeling for Recovery five year ago in hopes to educate youth about the fishing and alternatives they have when they feel like there is no other place to go in life.  I will miss my friend until I see him again but know his passion for the lake, fishing, and family surpassed everything else in life. If you or someone you know needs help with addiction please get them help before it too late. 

About Us
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